The praise of God begins with the Matins invitatory psalm “Venite, exsultemus Domino”. King David holds the stringed instrument in his hands, while wind and percussion instruments are within reach on the ground, in the spirit of Psalm 150.
Bronze relief by Paul Nagel (1925-2016), Cologne 2002.

The Consociatio Internationalis Musicae Sacrae, canonically established as a moral person , with its domicile in Rome, by Pope Paul VI in his chirograph “Nobile subsidium Liturgiae” of 22 November 1963, is an association which exercises ist apostolic activity in the Church by mandate of the Hierarchy.

It is the purpose of this association to promote zealously the cooperation between and the harmonious activity of as many persons as possible from all nations throughout the world, regardless of the nation or culture to which they belong, for the cultivation and improvement of sacred music according to the precepts of the church.

The Consociatio is to offer its help to the Sacred Congregation for the Sacraments and Divine Worship, and to such other Dicasteries of the Holy See as may desire to avail themselves of this help, by expressing its expert opinion on questions which these bodies may present. Furthermore, the association is to assist in a special way the episcopal conferences as well as the ecclesiastical hierarchy in mission territories in all matters affecting the cultivation of sacred music, to the extent that these matters fall within the limits of their particular competence.

The members of this international society are all those who possess special skills in the theorie or practice of the art of sacred music. These are admitted to membership by the Extended Board (Moderators and Counsellors).

(Extract from the CIMS statutes)