Article 117 of the Instruction “De Musica Sacra et Liturgia” (1958)

Sacra Congregatio Rituum: Instructio de Musica Sacra et Sacra Liturgia ad mentem litterarum encyclicarum Pii Papae XII Musicae Sacrae Disciplina et Mediator Dei, diei tertio Septembris anni 1958

117. Praeter instituta ad Musicam sacram docendam ordinata, plures conditae fuerunt societates, quae sub nomine S. Gregorii Magni, aut S. Caeciliae, aut aliorum sanctorum, variis modis eandem Musicam sacram excolere sibi proponunt. Ex harum societatum multiplicatione et ex earum consociatione, nationali aut etiam internationali, Musica Sacra magna obtinere poterit emolumenta.

(Sacra Congregatio Rituum, Città del Vaticano 1958, p. 35)

Instruction of the Sacred Congregation of Rites on Sacred Music and the Sacred Liturgy, according to the spirit of the Encyclical Letters of Pope Pius XII Musicae Sacrae Disciplina and Mediator Dei, September 3, 1958.

117. In addition to institutes for the teaching of Sacred Music, several associations have been founded which, under the name of St. Gregory the Great or St. Cecilia, or other saints, propose to cultivate Sacred Music in various ways. From the multiplication of these associations and their federation, on a national or even international level, great advantages can result for Sacred Music.

(Translation from the French version of P. Pierre Le Bourgeois OSB by the monks of Our Lady of the Annunciation of Clear Creek)